The Waterford Rugby League Football Club is proud to showcase for purchase both our On-Field and Off- Field Apparel range for 2017

As a football club with over 700 participating members, we believe the importance of accessible apparel and merchandise for our members. Please see the below images of stock items that our in-house store contains. In cases where items are not available due to any reason it is usually only a couple of weeks away from our Partner Supplier EMU Sportswear.

Junior Club Playing Shorts


Available Sizes: 6 -5XL

Club Playing Socks


Available Sizes: XS-XL

Junior Club Polo Shirts


Available Sizes: 6- 5XL

Senior Club Playing Shorts


Available Sizes: 6-5XL

Senior Club Polo Shirt


Available Sizes: 6-5XL

Girlz Polo Shirt


Available Sizes: