How to Register / How to Become a Member

Waterford Rugby League Football Club operate as a paperless registration club with all content being handled by the online facility at, as for club membership for anyone interested in becoming a financial member outside of participation, our friendly volunteers on training nights will handle any question or queryyou may have.


2017 Registration and Membership Fees

Waterford Rugby League Football Club is a family orientated sports organisation that caters to every need or situation as family may have, with this in mind the Clubs directive is to make playing at our club as affordable as possible to all families within our community. The reduction in registration amounts occurs when a family with more than one participant is actively registering.

Senior Grades have alternative financial agreements, please see or contact your team representative for Senior Fees.

All of these registration fees include the provision of a Training Shirt for every financially registered participant.

Additional Non-Membership

$10 To become a Non-Participant Member of the Waterford Rugby League Football Club

Payment Methods

Registration preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer (either bank or credit card) on training nights, cash is also accepted.

$90 1st Participant Registered

$80 Additional 2nd Participant

$70 Additional 3rd Participant

$10 Any additional Participant there-after