junior rugby league

There is more to Rugby League than just winning; The Waterford Rugby League Football Club Junior Development Programs encourage athletes to enjoy, develop and compete to the best of their abilities under the guidance and support of great people, coaches and volunteers.

Junior Rugby League at Waterford RLFC has an enriched history developing and encouraging young athletes from all across the Logan region. NO ONE is a number at Waterford, with all of our participants treated equally and fairly, whilst also encouraged to develop in a safe environment. The club believes that within a family core athletes will develop more than just football skills, they will become more accustom to handle life outside of the white paint, proving this belief through our Family Matters! Program and position as an NRL State of Mind ambassador club.

Waterford RLFC has had many successes on the field with a team from every age group in 2016 reaching the semi-final stages of competition, although our focus is not all about winning, it is about winning the right way, regardless of a score on an electronic board.

So if you would like for your children to enjoy, develop and compete at a club where it is more than just footy and you believe that a family environment is what you need, then come down to Waterford RLFC and see for yourself; the great people, coaches and volunteers that make our club great

Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League

under 6

Under 6’s rugby league at Waterford RLFC is all about learning, having fun and encouragement.

under 7

Our Under 7’s are extremely energetic and always looking for new information.

under 8

In Under 8’s our coaches are starting to teach more core based skills; catching when running…

Under 9

These young players in Under 9’s, are continuing to learn more about passing, catching, running and tackling.

under 10

This will be the first-time players are “graded” so a whole new process will be introduced to the players.

under 11

For the first time in their short football careers, these young players will get the opportunity to play for points and a shot at making their first finals appearance.

Under 12

With 2 out of 3 teams reaching the semi-final stages of competitions last season, the future is looking extremely bright for our Under 12 age group.

under 13

With a Division 3 semi-final appearance in 2016 and many of the Division 1 players gaining experience playing some games up…

under 14

Our club was fortunate enough to have both of our Under 13’s squads from 2016 reach the semi-final stages of competition.

Under 15

After the toughest year, any of these boys could have possibly endured, the team has started to re- build.

under 16

Our Under 16 program is in fine hands with a system in place that encourages player development and participation.

under 17

Building on last year’s success of a semi-final appearance, the 2017 Waterford RLFC Under 17’s will be moving up a grade into Division 1.

Code of Conduct

Waterford Rugby League Football Club adheres to all Codes of Conduct instilled by its competition governing bodies (Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League, Brisbane Rugby League, Brisbane Second Division and South East Queensland Division Rugby League). It is through these coherence’s that we promote the NRL Safe Play Code, Fair Play and Participation Code, all Behavioural Codes and completely stand against any form of breaches towards the safe and sportsman like manner in-which our game is to be played. The Rugby League Code of Conduct is in place for the fairness and well-being of all its participants.

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