The Waterford Rugby League Football Club is all about Family, Development, Encouragement and Progression. The club comprises of over 30 individual teams competing across 12 junior age groups, All Girls competitions right through to Senior Level Rugby League, so every individual is catered for with specialist coaching for those that not only excel, but want to learn and be a part of the Waterford RLFC culture.

Perched above the playing surface at Noffke Park, lies one of Brisbane Rugby Leagues best kept secrets. The Waterford Rugby League Football Club is a family orientated, primarily Junior focussed rugby league club with over 30 individual teams competing across 12 junior age groups, All Girls competitions right through to Senior Level Rugby League. The club boasts quality coaching staff, many of which carry a Level 2 International Accreditation. It has been with these coaches, coach panel and club administration the club has in recent years seen a high level of success; including a team from every junior age group competing in finals series in 2016, Our all girls program comprised of a Premier Grade Grandfinal played between our 2 Under 14 teams and our Under 17 girls squad being competition runners up. For our Senior Program, this success has been a continual build, seeing many of the clubs 2015 Under 20’s Premiership winning side competing at Premier Grade level and in their first season qualified for finals footy. Our Masters (Over 35) squad have also had extremely high success winning the past 3 Pan Pac Masters tournaments.

So, as you can see Waterford Rugby League Football Club has a lot to offer the community and the club will continue to develop and grow as the years continue.


In 1980 the Waterford Rugby League Football Club was born, leasing a vacant field allotment from the Logan City Council, now known as Noffke Park on Armstrong Road, Meadowbrook. Entering its 37th season competing in both Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League and Rugby League Brisbane (Brisbane Second Division), the club has seen many successes ranging from Premierships to excelling playing development to State and National competitions.

Our club started out competing with local residents and their children, which has led to our club’s philosophy of Family Matters! We are proud of each individual participant of our club which has seen the development of player’s progress to high level competition in their chosen field, but also stayed true to our roots as a club by continuing to deliver coaching, training and a personal touch that has seen our club active participation explode over the past 5 years to 650 junior players and 100 senior players.

Over the years, the club has invested large portions of time and effort through the great assistance of club administrators, committee members and volunteers with the support of local political members and businesses, which has seen the club increase in size from its highly humble beginnings to a thriving organisation with 2 International Competition Fields, a Mod Competition Field and a Mini Competition Field for all of our participants to play and train on.

Our clubhouse may look weathered, however it is one of the clubs administration key projects to lobby all of our political supporters and businesses to rejuvenate our pride with documents in place to develop and build a new clubhouse on our grounds within the next 3-5 years and improving amenities facilities in the next 12 months to 2 years.


The Waterford Rugby League Football Club will develop and encourage GREAT athletes through:

  • Development of life skills including; integrity, honesty and fair play.
  • Developing and building confidence, self-esteem, and a feeling of importance for every individual
  • Creating both mentally and physically tough athletes
  • To understand what adversity is and how to overcome it.


We gather and engage our community to teach, encourage and celebrate our athletes in their quest for excellence


Committee Members

Coaching Panel

Kristen Devine Arlene Goldsmith: Merchandise Co-ordinator Ben McDermott: Coaching Director

Vice -President

Cherie Holman: Brisbane Second Division Delegate Michael Sparey: Coaching Co-ordinator
Shonee Pettigrew Cara Joseph: First Aide Co-ordinator Glenn Bochow: Coaching Co-ordinator


Vicki Watson: Fundraising Co-ordinator Warren Bernardin: Coaching Co-ordinator
Marleis Sparey Toni Douglas: Bar Co-ordinator  


Michael Sparey: Zone 4 Delegate  
Rebecca Walsh Ben McDermott: Media and Marketing Officer  

code of conduct

Waterford Rugby League Football Club adheres to all Codes of Conduct instilled by its competition governing bodies (Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League, Brisbane Rugby League, Brisbane Second Division and South East Queensland Division Rugby League). It is through these coherence’s that we promote the NRL Safe Play Code, Fair Play and Participation Code, all Behavioural Codes and completely stand against any form of breaches towards the safe and sportsman like manner in-which our game is to be played. The Rugby League Code of Conduct is in place for the fairness and well-being of all its participants.

Player Code of Conduct

Download PDF

Parents Code of Conduct

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Coaches Code of Conduct

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club facilities

The Waterford RLFC comprises of many facilities that cater towards the development and progression ofRugby League participants of all ages;

  • 2 International Competition Rugby League Fields
  • 1 Mod Competition Rugby League Field
  • 1 Mini Competition Rugby League Field
  • 4 Newly Built All Purpose Dressing Rooms
  • Outdoor on the Hill Can Bar
  • Recently Refurbished Kitchen/Canteen
  • Amenities Facilities
  • 2 Storey Clubhouse